Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Finally Photos from Banana coconut bread!

Here are the photos I promised about a week ago of the Banana coconut bread. I made one batch that I was going to photograph but Jim and I ate it in 2 days. It was too good to stop!
This is my second batch and it didn't rise as much as the last for reasons unknown. This batch was also more moist. The coconut flour soaks up 3 times the liquid that normal flour does so things often get very dense and dry but this recipe is still very soft and moist.

The recipe is in the previous post and it come from 'the healthy chef'. Swap the eggs for egg replacer and its vegan.
Recent breakfast have been "Power Porridge" that is also from her website. I will post about it soon.

I'm already excited about dinner. I'm making Indian and Its my fav!


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