Thursday, 3 October 2013


So, at safeway today there were heaps of bags of discounted vegetables which is weird because I have only ever seen bananas in discount bags. I hope its the start of something new!
I got my hands on a bag of tomatoes for $3 probably a 3 kg's worth, a bag of sweet potato for $3 and also a bag of Okra. Im talking heaps and heaps of the stuff. Lucky I love it because that is all we are going to be eating for the next week!

This is only about half of the bag! I think I will make this amazing dry fried Okra curry that is in Rick stein's India. That is such a beautiful cook book.

My windows need  a clean :(


  1. Rhiannon, what else can you make with okra? I see them at our green grocer but wouldn't know what to do with them!

    1. Oh there is sooo much!! I made this the other night and it was soo tasty.

      I like it raw too but most people wouldn't. It tends to go slimy if you cook it incorrectly and its pretty bad if its slimy so make sure you cook it exactly as the recipe says!
      Give it a go its really good.