Friday, 27 September 2013

WOW. you need to make this!!

I just made this Banana coconut flour bread from The Healthy Chef. Obviously I replaced the egg.
This stuff is soooooo good. Its moist and sweet and so very, very healthy! Its got chia and coconut flour and coconut oil and banana and no sugar. Its basically magic!

My bread didn't rise as much as the health chef one but you would expect that from not using eggs.

Im going to photograph it tomorrow and show yall as it is just too cute.
I ate my piece straight from the oven with nothing on it but it would be good with peanut butter I think.

Food diary

Porridge (I have been getting into porridge in a massive way lately) made with mainly water and a dash of rice milk with half an apple cinnamon and stevia.
English breakfast tea with Soy

Soy hot chocolate

Thai salad (AGAIN) i always eat this at work.
Half an orange and a piece of pineapple

Tiny bowl of left over yellow curry
Punnet of bluberries

1  Tofurkey sausage (italian tomato) tomato sauce and heaps of mustard.
Heaps of steamed veggies (corn, carrot, peas and cauliflower)

1 piece coconut banana bread! oh and another half a piece.

Its almost over :(
 I hope I keep up my blogging as much when MOFO is over. I will try.


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