Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Food Diary and Gnocci recipe

Day 3 of my food diary! I feel like I ate more than this but I can't remember anything else. Its good to look back on your day and see exactly what you ate, its hard not to lie to yourself about how much you do actually eat.

Wednesday- Netball again tonight!!

Rice bubbles and rice milk
Soy coffee

Thai salad with avocado, rocket, corn, chilli, beetroot and tomato
half an apple
Hot chocolate with Soy

Rice crackers and Home made hummus

Burritos with bean and seitan chilli, avocado, tomato, daiya cheese and loads of chipotle sauce!

Sweet potato gnocchi

About a kg of sweet potato
3 egg's of egg replacer mixed with water
About a cup of coconut flour

Peel and chop the sweet potato and boil it until tender.
Once the potato is cooked and cooled, mash until smooth. Add the coconut flour a little at a time until the mix holds together when squeezed. Add the egg replacer and salt. Combine well.
On a well floured surface, roll the dough into logs and chop with a knife into desired lengths.
Wet the gnocci with your fingers or a pastry brush and microwave until hot. (You cannot boil them as they fall apart, they are still great in the mic) Cover in pesto and eat immediately!

 I covered mine in dayia cheese and parmesan style cheese and alfalfa sprouts. Yum.

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