Monday, 23 September 2013

Last week of MOFO and "What I ate".

I can't believe there is only one week left of vegan mofo  :(
Its been so great to look through all the amazing blogs out there and Im excited that my views have been going up too.
As a little last week hoorah I thought I would do a week of "What I ate" as well as recipes for those things. Im going to give a blow by blow of all the things I ate throughout the week . I wish I could have had something like this when I first became vegan, just to get a grip of what you can actually put in your mouth without having to plan everything.

This morning I had personal training. I did 1 hour of high intensity weight training which burnt about 400 calories.

Breakfast :
1 piece wholemeal toast with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter
Soy coffee

2 small felafel's with mustard
3 dates
4 almonds

I ate out for lunch, I had a pumpkin salad with kale.
2 big pieces of pineapple
English breakfast tea

rice crackers
home made hummus

I was going to make sweet potato gnocci for dinner but in the end I couldn't be bothered. I still had 2 pks of Tofurky, despite Jim's best attempts to devour them as soon as I leave the house.

1 Tofurky Italian sausage
Big bowl of steamed veg- corn, peas, carrot and pumpkin

I also want to give a link to these (1 2) pages. Its a couple of lists of all the things in supermarkets that are vegan and there are lots that you wouldn't know if you weren't vegan. It just shows how much choice there is even in Coles and Safeway.

This song has been the soundtrack to my last couple of days! I LOVE IT.

Sorry no Photos today. I feel like Im cheating by not putting any snaps up but there will some soon I promise.

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  1. I love seeing food diary-style posts! Fascinated by what others eat. :-) And glad to hear Mofo is helping grow your blog traffic!