Wednesday, 18 September 2013

You Americans are lucky devils!

My boyfriend came home today!! YAY.
He didn't bring me trinkets or jewellery or presents home.
He bought me a whole bag of VEGAN TREATS!!!!! He knows me way too well.

I just can't believe the amazing stuff that he got a hold of. Im so jealous that it is available at the supermarket in the US.

This is everything he got me:

                           Daiya Cheddar cheese

          Soy Bleau- Blue style cheese

                            Sweet Earth Seitan

Upton's Seitan

Go Veggie Parmesan style cheese

And 4 different flavours of Tofurky sausages!!!

I already got into this flavour and boy were they good. Slathered in mustard it was perfect!

We have a few good places like "the radical grocer" and "Leo's" that sell vegan goodies but definitely not on this scale.
I think I might try and do reviews of all the products and use them all in recipes.

So much for my diet!!!


  1. wow!!! Dumb question time: did he bring them in a cool bag or can you just stick them in your carry on baggage?

  2. He just whaked them in his bag!! They are all the "refrigerate after opening" things so it was fine!
    Just made the most deeelish pasta with the seitan. I need to find it in Aus!

  3. Oh my golly....look at all that stuff! I think I would have a fit if I went to America...I just would get so overwhelmed. I've lusted over crazy ice cream sundae concoctions at cafes there and all the cheese. Arghh. You must tell us how the cheese is! :)

    1. I know. Im actually glad I wasn't there to put on 50kgs.
      I would be like "its a once in a life time opportunity, I have to eat everything".
      They have Vegan soft serve... OMG.
      I should never go there


  4. it all looks amazing but I am even more amazed he got it through customs - I guess they just look for dairy and meat so vegan stuff doesn't upset them :-)