Sunday, 7 September 2014

Strawberry and mango smoothie-Vegan mofo 2014

Smoothies are the ultimate breakfast!
Just blend up every piece of fruit you have, add a date or two and a handful of spinach and you are in business. I really don't know how I lived without my new vitamix.

This recipe is beyond easy and with smoothies you can just add and omit ingredients whenever you feel. I chose stawberries as they are super cheap at the moment and I had a bunch of frozen mango in the freezer. What a combo!

Strawberry and mango smoothie

1 punnet of fresh washed strawberries
2 handfulls frozen mango
2 teaspoons powdered stevia or other sweetener (agave, dates, brown rice syrup)
2 scoop of lemon flavoured sorbet
About a 2 cups of water but it depends on your fruit
Chia seed to add on top

Throw everything except the chia in your blender and blend till your hearts content.
Add chia on top and drink up quick!

 What a beautiful colour!

 I guzzled this down in about 6 seconds.

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