Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Oh for a veggie garden.

My boyfriends Mum has planted the most incredible veggie patch filled with spinach and garlic and herbs and much, much more. When ever I go up there I come home with a ziplocked bag full of something fresh and tasty.
Last week she gave us some rocket that was amazing. It was so peppery and almost hot, so unlike the stuff you buy at the supermarket.

This weeks haul included spinach, lettuce and a bunch of herbs.

I was so excited to photograph this spinach. Have you ever seen such bright colours in the garden?

I ate a whole bunch of spinach raw (including the stalks), straight from the garden yesterday and while it did taste good I had this weird metallic burning in the back of my throat for a few hours later which wasn't that pleasant. Lol
I know not to do that again.


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