Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hungry no more!

I am always hungry! Like every second of the day. I am constantly snacking and its totally annoying. 
Recently I started a bit of a "diet" which entails a protein shake in the morning and lots of greens. 
We bought 5 kgs of pea protein online and it was cheap at $80.
I started the shakes 2 days ago and i just cannot believe the results! 
It's kind of amazing! 
The last couple of days I have had a banana smoothie, protein shake for breakfast at about 7am and after finishing it I am......... FULL!! Like full to the brim, pain in the tummy,can't think about eating till 1pm full! 
Its almost like I haven't been properly full since I became vegan. I'm not use to the feeling and at 104 calories per scoop its a lot less calories than snacking all morning. 
Looking at my diet before the shakes I wasn't getting anywhere near enough protein and that really explains the hunger.
At this rate I'm going to be ripped in no time ;)
I really just wanted to share this fantastic news! 


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