Friday, 25 October 2013

Gummy lollies that Vegans can eat!!!!!

I used to love gummy lollies. Like gummy bears and joobs that were covered in sugar. I have really missed them since becoming vegan as they have gelatine in them and that is obviously a no go as it is made from animal products.
As i was strolling through Leo's the other day a man threw a bunch of these individually wrapped lollies into my basket. Automatically i picked them up and said "I can't eat gelatine, thanks anyway".
He was almost offended that I had suggested they had gelatine and was quick to assure me they were all natural. I then said "Oh well I can't have any animal products so I won't have any, thanks".
He then assured me they had NO animal products and that I should go ahead and eat one!
OMG these little lollies are the yummiest thing ever!! They are called Fino and come in packs of 12. The choices are berry or citrus and they cost about $5 a pack. There is about 30 calories per lollies but they are pretty big so thats a plus.

They taste so amazing!!! The flavours are so strong and delicious.
Oh and they are gluten free!

I think my favourite flavour is lime but they are honestly all great!
I sound like I am some sort of Fino sales woman (I'm not) but I could be I love them that much!

I think they sell them in Coles now which is great! I think I am going to eat the whole pack now!!


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