Saturday, 28 February 2015

Garden veggie tart!

I love it when you don't think there is any food in your house or at least not enough to make dinner with, then you scrounge around and make something really beautiful without having to leave the house!
This is almost what happened today. My Boyfriends Mum provided me with the freshest and tastiest array of vegetables from her garden last night when we went out for dinner. I knew I wanted to use these tonight but at first couldn't think of a way to use them up. I found some puff pasty in the fridge and came up with a plain old vegetable tart. What a better way to taste all those veggies. I wanted to make it really simple and just make the veggies the main event.

Obviously you can use what ever vegetables you want but I used:
*Green capsicum
*Spanish onion
*Kalamata Olives

I used some vegan puff pastry (borgs) and made a score with a butter knife about 2cm from the edge around the whole perimeter of the pastry. This will make the outside rise. Then I layered on the thinly sliced vegetables, avoiding going beyond that score line. Finished it with some good quality olive oil, a grated clove of garlic and pink salt. Bake it in a moderate oven for about 25 minutes.
If the tart seems to be soggy in the middle but browning on the outside too quickly you can place the tart on a cooling rack and return to the oven so the base can cook through.
Once cooled Top it with some soy cream cheese and a handful of fresh basil!


  1. Those veggies are so bright, and beautiful as a tart. I've been working my way through the cupboards, using up things in preparation for spring -like a spring cleaning for the kitchen. It is nice to find, with a little ingenuity, I have a lot of abundance!

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