Saturday, 12 October 2013

Veggie haul

We went to Queen vic market this morning to grab veggies and boy did we 'rig it up'.
The trip was due to the fact that neither of us eat enough protein or greens. Eating green protein smoothie in place of 2 meals in the day should fix this right up!
We just bought what was cheap mainly. We splurged on a few things like pineapple and Cavelo nero but they were cheap compared to the supermarket anyway.  
My favourite purchase was 50 bananas for $5. I am going to do so many things with them.

All of what you see below was $50!!!! 

I just made a frozen banan soft serve with coconut, dates and vanilla which i am eating as I type. 
I will post about some more recipes later this week. 

 Jim already made a beautiful potato and Leek soup! I added a big glug of white truffle oil to mine and it was too tasty.
I will make a pumpkin soup tomorrow too.

I am never shopping at the supermarket AGAIN!!


  1. bargains are great :) I've got a good one for you: try the Preston Market right before closing time, the grocers often reduce their produce and put out trays of not-quite-lovely fruit and veg. I've picked up a big box of spotty bananas for $2, about the same size as the bananas in your photo :D Cheap strawberries too! Must admit I've had better luck on a Saturday than week day though, but it's much busier. Oh, and there are vegan hot jam donuts at Preston Market!

    1. Wow! that is exciting. Im already planning my trip. looking forward to a doughnut!!!